The benefits of facial massage

Did you know your skin has its own way of detoxing? Indeed it does!

Unfortunately, as we get older things slow down. Healing slows, you produce less oil, and notice more wrinkles...  All in all, why we need skin care. 

Fortunately, there is one small step you can do that will help your skin maintain its youthful glow, and that is face massage. 

Face massage:
Improves lymphatic drainage
 - reduces swelling and drains away toxins that lead to acne
Improves circulation
- helps the overall glow of your skin 
Relieves stress- by stimulating the vagus nerve in your face you naturally calm your body and mind

And it's easier to do than you think!

After applying your Watch Me Glow face serum (Step 4), incorporate a few of these massage techniques into your evening routine (picture for reference).

Start with clean hands and apply 2 pumps of your Serum to your face (best to use an oil).

Using the front of your fingers, apply gentle but firm pressure and follow the directional lines in the image below. 

Take your time and enjoy the massage. 


                           image with directions lines on face for face massage

Use extra caution around the eye. The massage should never hurt. 

Always move toward your hairline then down the side of your neck. This helps fluid drain away. If it feels like your fingers aren't gliding well add more oil.

Your face will look a bit red after, that is just the blood circulating. It will fade quickly. 

Give this a try tonight! Not only with your skin feel amazing, your mind will feel more rested and ready for sleep (which also helps our appearance ;) ).

If you have any questions about this technique, reach out to me! I am available on Facebook, Instagram and email.


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