Where it all began


When you eat healthy your body will function better. So what happens when you use natural and healthy ingredients on your largest organ, the skin?

This is the thought that kick started Byers Boutique.

Five years ago our founder, Renee Outhouse, decided to take matters into her own hands and find a natural alternative to her usual beauty products. No matter what she tried she could not find an effective solution to relieve acne, fine lines and complexion. Working in a professional environment she had to maintain a certain appearance. This led to a dependency on cosmetics which only caused further frustrations. 

The first step was to learn how to read an ingredient list. From there Renee quickly discovered that many ingredients listed comprised of preservatives and fragrance. After realizing this she decided to seek out natural alternative for the effective ingredients.

Next she researched how to formulate starting off with basics from recipes found online. After many failed attempts she finally had a product she was happy with and it didn’t take long to see the amazing benefits on her skin. Curious about which product this was? The fan favorite Honey Face Wash was the very first product in the Byers Boutique line. Renee still uses this cleanser on a daily basis!

In the beginning, Renee thought of this as a hobby however the art of skincare quickly turned into a passion that she wanted to share with other women in the same position. Selling at a local fair on the weekends turned into almost a full time job and at that point she decided to leave her current career to peruse the life of an entrepreneur.  

Renee now a wife, a mother and a business owner, runs her own boutique selling a complete line of natural based skincare for the entire family.

Our Values

Whether it’s creating a product, writing a blog or sharing information on our Facebook page, Byers Boutique will always have these values at the core of every decision:

Own your Beauty – helping to build your confidence to take those photos without filters.

Naturally Transparent – we strive to offer responsibly formulated nature based skincare and promise to always offer total clarity on our labels and ingredient lists.

Meaningful Connections – We will learn your wants and needs to provide the best solutions.  We are here for you. Always

Pure uncompromising solutions – We are about you and your family so we will never offer a product we haven’t used on our own family.

Our Ingredients 

 Customer Testimonials

Absolutely love the products at Byers Boutique. I have mild acne and very sensitive skin and was having a hard time finding products that would clear my acne and not irritate my skin. The face and body wash and face and hand cream are the first products that have actually cleared my skin and not irritated it at the same time. Would recommend the products to anyone and great customer service. 

Jocelyne LeBlanc


I meet Renee at the Market a few years ago, she is such a great girl and is always smiling, so friendly!! I love to use handmade soap, I have tried many, so I had to try her product!!I have to say Renee has made the best soap yet, it is soft on my skin and NO irritation!!!! I am very sensitive and I don't have any problem with her product, my all time favourite one is the oatmeal!! I can't wait till it is ready to purchase again ! Thanks for making a great product!!!!

- Lynn Rice