About Byers Boutique


When you eat healthy your body will function better. So what happens when you use natural and healthy ingredients on your largest organ, the skin?

This is the thought that kick started Byers Boutique.

Our founder, Renee Outhouse, struggled for years to clear her face of acne, fine lines, and impurities to no avail. That’s where her journey into the world of natural skincare began.

While researching and learning what went into popular skincare she soon discovered that products contain many synthetic compounds made to replicate the effects of natural ingredients. Other common ingredients found were preservatives, artificial scents and artificial colors.

 Although Renee considered the art of skincare a hobby in the beginning she quickly realized that not only could her products help her skin but many other women dealing with the same issues. After researching and testing products she began selling her small line at a local flea market. This led to craft markets and ultimately a brick and mortar store.

Now she makes many different products that fit the whole family! You can find all of Renee’s skincare line as well as other local brands.


Our Ingredients 

 Customer Testimonials

Absolutely love the products at Byers Boutique. I have mild acne and very sensitive skin and was having a hard time finding products that would clear my acne and not irritate my skin. The face and body wash and face and hand cream are the first products that have actually cleared my skin and not irritated it at the same time. Would recommend the products to anyone and great customer service. 

Jocelyne LeBlanc


I meet Renee at the Market a few years ago, she is such a great girl and is always smiling, so friendly!! I love to use handmade soap, I have tried many, so I had to try her product!!I have to say Renee has made the best soap yet, it is soft on my skin and NO irritation!!!! I am very sensitive and I don't have any problem with her product, my all time favourite one is the oatmeal!! I can't wait till it is ready to purchase again ! Thanks for making a great product!!!!

- Lynn Rice