Introducing The Comfort Project

Did you know this year local shelters have seen some of the highest numbers of people in need? 😟

Covid-19 has changed our world and for many of us it means wearing a mask and working from home. For others it means they have lost their income, their home and the comfort of warmth and food. Many of us cannot imagine what it is like living a life without our warm homes, abundance of food and our own beds.

In February I began the “Sleeping mats for the homeless” project. This initiative saved thousands upon thousands of plastic shopping bags from the landfill and I turned them into a padded mat for those sleeping on the streets.

With much excitement I am happy to announce the launch of “The Comfort Project”. This new initiative, along with the mats, will provide people in need with care packages because we all deserve the comfort of basic necessities.

You all were amazing with bag donations and words of encouragement and sharing the original post over 600 times! There is a need to do more and I need your help!

Let's get your Christmas shopping checked off AND help make an impact on someone else’s life this holiday!

I have created 3 gift sets perfect for your Christmas shopping list. In the photos below you will see the Lip Balm Set, The Face Mask Set and The Ultimate Self Care Set. Available on the home page of this site.

For every 5 gift sets sold I will be donating a Care Kit to the  for those in need this holiday season.
Our goal is to donate 30 Care Kits by December 24th.
The Care Kits (pictured below with a couple of completed sleeping mats) will include:
-Lip Balm
-Body lotion
-Hand Sanitizer
-Face Covering
Thank you to everyone who shared the post yesterday. I would love it if you could continue to share these posts! The more the word gets around the more we can help.

Stay tuned on the Facebook page for regular updates on our progress. Let's make this happen! I know we can do it!

Renee xoxo

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