Clay Masks 101

Using a clay mask is often thought of as a luxury or a treat for your skin but if you have acne prone, oily or combination skin then a clay mask is a crucial part of your skincare routine.

What makes clay masks so fantastic?
👉 Helps to regulate oiliness
👉 Clears pores and helps pores appear smaller
👉 Gentle exfoliation leaves skin sooth and soft
👉 Controls shine

Adding a clay mask to your routine is easy. 
You only need to do your mask once per week. Start by picking your day. I like Sundays so that Monday morning I am starting fresh with a clear complextion.

You will notice our masks are in a powder form. All you need to do is measure 1 tablespoon of mask and 1 teaspoon of water. That will give your the perfect consistency. Mix then apply!

Your mask goes on after you've cleansed but before your hydrating toner.

The biggest rule is to remove your mask while it's still a bit wet. Once you have dry patches on your cheeks, chin and forhead, it's time to remove.

Wet a cloth with luke warm water and pat the whole mask down. Once it's hydrated you can gently wipe it away. No scrubbing required!

Which mask should you choose?

DETOX is a blend of glacial clay and activated charcoal dig deep to clean your pores.

BRIGHTEN blends pink and white clay to make your skin radiant.

REJUVENATE blends purple and white clays to keep your skin looking young.

After your mask...
When you take off your mask you've likely noticed a bit of redness. 

The exfoliation, the (gentle) rubbing when removing and the properties of the clays can all contribute to experiencing redness.

You've encouraged blood circulation which can cause flushing. This should pass in 30 minutes or less. The time to be concerned about redness is when your experience burning and itching after doing your clay mask. 

If that happens rinse the mask thoroughly, apply a cold cloth and monitor. 

Also, reach out to me anytime you are questioning a reaction.

Click here to add a clay mask to your routine!

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