Better in Layers

In the skincare world, there is a term you will hear often: layering.

Here in New Brunswick, we are all too familiar with layering our clothes because you never know what the weather will be like. Layers keep you extra cozy but are easy to remove and cool down. But what could it mean when it comes to skincare?

With skincare, it means the same thing. One product (clothing) on top of another. It’s the way you apply your entire skincare routine.

In general, you would follow this layering approach:

cleanser- moisturize- protect with SPF.

You can keep it to the basics or add in other products to achieve your skin goals.

For example, our 4-Step Skincare routine has 5 products:

Step 1a- Clease with Honey Face Wash

Step 1b- Use a weekly Clay Mask

Step 2- Hydrate with the Toner

Step 3- Moisturize with Daily Face Cream

Step 4- Nourish with Watch Me Glow

Finish everything off with your favorite SPF

you like to use as many skincare steps as possible, you may want to follow this daily layering approach:

Step 1- Oil-based Cleanser
Step 2- Water-based Cleanser
Step 3- Sheet Mask
Step 4- Hydrating Toner
Step 5- Water-based serums
Step 6- Eye Cream
Step 7- Moisturizers
Step 8- Face Oils

Why does it matter?

Think of it like this, oil and water do not mix. If you were to apply your face oil before your moisturizer you would prohibit water from properly absorbing in your skin. The oil would block it. Instead, you want all water to be locked into your skin and your face oil does just that!

Water products first, then oil and water products (moisturizer), then oils, and then SPF.

It’s important to note that you can mix and match different brands of products. Before you do, it’s always key to ensure the brands work well together by looking at the ingredient lists. If you are sure whether two products get along reach out and I can help decipher jargon!

Then again, you are here because you want an easy skincare routine that gives you great-feeling skin with a simple routine you can stick with, like the 4-Step Skincare Routine :).

If you have any questions at all, please leave a comment or send me a chat in the bottom right corner! Don’t worry it’s not a bot, just me!

Renee xo





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