Are you using expired skincare? Here's what you should know!

Do you have a drawer full of half/ barely used products? Honestly who hasn't?

The bigger question is how do you know when your beauty products have expired and what can you do to prevent it.
So what could happen if you use old skincare products? Things go could 3 ways:

1) nothing happens
2) you experience a skin reaction
3) you could end up using a product that is no longer effective.

It's just plain wrong that you have to worry about what to use for skincare. For the reason let's look into #2 and #3.

Negative skin reactions are no fun especially when you have had trouble finding products in the first place. Ingredients can break down over time and become rancid. There is really no way to know until you open the product. Even then, commercial products have a slew of preservatives to ensure they can withstand a long shelf life. There could be no visible proof that your cream has gone bad until you start noticing changes in your skin. You can experience acne, dryness, redness, inflammation and worst case infections.

Let's say you are looking for an antiaging product. How you feel discovering that your cream was actually expired and no longer effective? That is wasted hard earned money. Nuff' said.

So what can you do? Here are a few tips we want to share with you to prevent this from happening. To start off, you know when you see what clearance tag on your favorite product? Do not stock up! Only buy what you will use right away. Keep your collection simple. A cleanser, face mask, facial hydrator, moisturizer and lip balm are the basics I would suggest. Sales will come on again or better yet find a brand that offers rewards with your purchase. Then you save money while getting fresh and effective products! - side bar, did you know that Byers Boutique has a loyalty program?

Next take a look at these codes. Have you seen them on labels before? 


 These codes indicate the shelf life of your products once it has been opened. So how do you keep track? Place some tape on the label and mark the date when it was open. By doing this you will know always know the expiry date or that cream or eye shadow!

Loving your skincare routine should be easy and running into issues like this doesn’t help.

So how about some good news? First, rest assured that when you purchase your products from Byers Boutique they are always made in small batches for freshness! Secondly, when you look at your Byers Boutique face moisturizers, cleansers and body lotions there will ALWAYS be an expiry date on the label. This date is typically one year after it has been made. I do this for your safety and to ensure your products are doing their job until the last drop.

As a final thought let me put it to you this way,

you wouldn’t eat expired food or take expired medication so why would you use expired products? Keep your skin happy.

Keeping it real, always
Renee xoxo

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